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Severe weather highlights video
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My First Storm Video

My video is up for sale, and if anyone would like one drop me an email or call me:


HOME PHONE NUMBER: (218) 723-8975




 In the video:

There are several different types of significant severe weather I've video taped from my home.


 2 inch hail 

 80mph winds

severe ice storm

 strong gales off Lake Superior and 20ft waves

 almost getting hit by lightning!


It starts out in the year 1998, where a GIANT shelf cloud and major hail storm pounds my home with golfball sized hail and 80mph down burst winds

1999: 3 severe squall line wind events, blowing dust in one

2000: erie skys and strong winds

2001: worst ice storm in a decade to hit Duluth, 5,000 people with out power, hundereds of trees down. Then severe tstm winds at 6AM, and the worst Lake Superior storm in 25 years, 55mph winds, 20ft waves distroying the board walk and hitting the Areal Lift Bridge!

2002: A green shelf cloud. Night time hail. and the same Laborday outbreak that hit Ladysmith with a deadly tornado fired up only 20 miles from my home giving out 1 to 2 inch hail and blinding rains.

No, there are no tornadoes in this tape, but if you are a true storm nut I think you would like it very much!

And to those younger storm nuts, this video is good for you because it is basically from a kids point of view.



PRICE: 20.00$
send mail to:
3536 Minnesota Ave, Duluth Mn, 55802

Vortex video