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Photo of ice on Lake Superior
Feb. 2-4, 2003 snow event
Storm Alley
My Storm Spotting Experiece so far...
Significant northland events
My Storm Spotting Experience

A supercell in Douglas county just missed Duluth/Superior

Past severe weather events of Duluth that I can recall

          Well, there was the great Holloween blizzard of 1991, but all I remember is being trapped in the house for a day or so.
Well, in fifth grade, I suppose this was my first really exciting storm experience that I can remember. I had a field trip to Iron World in the Hibbing area. When we were leaving around 3PM, I saw huge towers going up. On the way home, the storms moved southeast and followed the bus. tornado warnings were issued. When I got back from school, it was sunny, but there was a reported tornado in Cotten 20 miles back where we were 30 mins ago. We rushed home. NWS issued the tornado warning for Duluth/Superior. Just as they issued it, the sirens blasted as we pulled in the drive way. Though there was no tornado, the sky was green and black with small hail and 40mph winds.
1997 and 1998. There were a few tornado warnings for Duluth, even though not much happend. on July 14, 98, the biggest shelf cloud I've ever seen moved through and was my first big storm I ever taped. Then and now to this day on August 23, 98, The worst severe storm I've ever seen. Golfball to 2 inch hail coverd the ground and 70mph macroburst winds caused lots of damage.
1999 was an allright season, with on June 22, July 25, and July 30th brought 50-60mph straight line winds. Not to menchon on July 4 being on the beach, surrounded by 4 thunderstorms, and almost being struke! Got it on Tape!!!
2000, SUCKED!!!. I had to wait till August 14th when a mosterous supercelluar severe storm slammed Cloquet, and gave Duluth a dark night time sky, but only 45mph winds and small hail hit.
2001, Nice, VERY NICE!  On April 23, the worst Ice storm in a decade hit the hill side leaving it looking like a war zon! Got some good footage. On May 1st, only one week later, the first severe weather outbreak of the year, with dime sized hail. On June 13, an F2 tornado hit Brainerd. Around midnight the storms hit here with dime to nickle sized hail. On August 8, A bow echo just skimmed Duluth but we got 50mph winds at 5:30AM. Then another round of severe storms hit at 1:00AM, but only the outflow of 40-50mph winds hit. Then, Surprisingly, the best storm of the year hit on NOV.27. A big winter storm with 50-60mph winds off the lake with 18 foot waves causing major damage to the lake walk and huge beach erotion. The waves were actually hitting the lift bridge! Got some more good footage.
And last year, 2002, was ok. There was a HIGH RISK on April 16, and temps across the state were near 90!!! Here by the Lake, 39 degrees. On June 22, We got jipped BAD! In the morning an elevated batch of strong storms hit at 6:40AM that formed over Cloquet. Then we went to the Grandmas Marithon for the morning. Then I watched a line of storms from northwest minn. at 5PM, the warnings were issued for us as the storms headed right for us. There was a lake wind so lots of fog was in the way. That quickly dissapated as the storms approched. THE LINE MIISED US BY 8 miles! Over the hill, 65mph winds knocking down hundreds of trees. Even NWS Duluth got 50mph winds. All I got was a piece of dime sized hail and rain. Then, 2 supercells formed on the west flank of the line and hit the Airport with 3 inches of rain. Down here on the Point, .4 inches. AARRGHH! What a jip.
On July 31 at 9:30AM, A huge green shelf cloud! pretty sweet. There was a HIGH RISK for this day as well for a time. Then at 2:45AM, A line of severe storms with nickle sized hail, not bad. On Sept.2 a line of storms suprised the heck out of me by forming 20 miles west of here. NWS's warning was for 3 inch hail and 90+ mph winds!!! We got ping pong sized hail and 40mph winds. 2 inch hail hit west Duluth. I found one in the nieghbors the size of a baseball!!!
Well, I have much more to say about each of those storms but it would take forever for me to finish it. So theres my Storm Spotting History so far, and I know for a fact I have much more to see.